Flying High! videos

These videos bring to life some of the poems in my Flying High! book. You can find more such videos here.

Let’s start with my Christmas Robin poem:

This is my Mistle Thrush poem, ‘Incubation, Incubation, Incubation’, performed at Birdfair 2018.

Here’s a video of the Green Woodpecker that inspired the Green Woodpecker poem in my book, Flying High! Discover the poetry in British birds. (N.B. I’m not the world’s best video-er of birds – but the footage here will give you an idea of the bird that inspired this poem.)

Here’s a video of the Goldfinches that inspired the Goldfinch poem in my book, Flying High! Discover the poetry in British birds.

Here I am performing the House Sparrow poem from the book live, at the York Festival of Ideas launch of Flying High!

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