Individual Photo Workshops

I put on beginners’ photography workshops for up to two children (plus at least one accompanying adult). Popular as a birthday or Christmas present! See the FAQs below for more information.



How long does a workshop last?
At least 3 hours. Some of this time is spent indoors (learning theBigBuzz photography technique, practising with equipment, printing photos) some is spent outdoors (taking photos).

What ages is your workshop suitable for?
For children aged 8 to 14.

Is this a practical workshop or a theoretical workshop?
Both! I teach participants my unique BigBuzz photography technique, then we put it into practice, taking lots of photos and trying out lots of equipment.

Do the children need their own cameras?
If the children already have their own compact, point-and-shoot cameras, they are welcome to use those. If they don’t already have their own cameras, I have high-quality Canon cameras for participants to use.

What equipment do you provide?
I have lots of equipment participants can use, including Canon cameras, a variety of different types of tripod, a dedicated photo printer and photo paper.

Are your workshops just about taking nature photos?
Although we focus on taking great nature photos (plants, animals, landscapes), the skills I teach are equally applicable to taking other sorts of photos too.

My kids have camera phones. Is your workshop suitable for them?
In principle yes, but the photo printer won’t print photos from a phone. So your children wouldn’t be able to print out any photos to take home with them. However, they’d be welcome to use my Canon cameras for the workshop, then apply the same technique to using their camera phone afterwards. 

My kids have SLR cameras. Is your workshop suitable for them?
No. My photography workshops are for compact, point-and-shoot digital cameras. (If, as an accompanying adult, you have an SLR camera you know how to use, you are welcome to bring it and take photos with it using my BigBuzz photography technique – but I won’t be able to help you work out how to use your camera!)

What sort of photos do the children learn to take?
Have a scroll through these blog posts to get an idea.

I’d like to give this workshop as a birthday/Christmas present. Do you provide a gift voucher I can give to the child/ren?
Of course! Let me know the name/s of the child/ren and I’ll provide you with a personalised gift voucher to print out for each one.

Where does the workshop take place?
At Holmefield Community Centre in Heslington, on the south side of York, just near the university. The Community Centre is in Peel Close in Heslington, post code: YO10 5EN.

Is there parking there?
Yes, and it’s free.

What happens if it’s raining?
Bring a brolly and some wellies and we’ll go out anyway! You can get some great results taking photos of raindrops on various plants, and puddles – and some animals prefer coming out in the rain.

How many photos do the children get to take home?
As many as they can print out during the session.

How many people can attend?
Minimum: one child and one accompanying adult.
Maximum: two children and two accompanying adults.
And any permutation inbetween (i.e. two children plus one adult or, I suppose, one child and two accompanying adults).

Does an adult need to be present too?
Yes, your child/ren need to be accompanied by at least one adult.

What will the participants leave with?
Children will leave with photos they’ve taken, cropped and printed out, plus a handout reminding them of my BigBuzz photo technique. And, most importantly, they’ll have a new way of looking at the world around them, and be brimming with enthusiasm and confidence to go off and take great photos by themselves.

Do you have any feedback about these workshops?
Very impressed with how you taught them. I will definitely recommend you to my friends.’ Michelle, Mum of two girls

‘My daughter is asking for a digital camera with macro facility for her birthday, so you’ve got her hooked.’ Kate Lock, Parent

How much does it cost?
£125. Includes full use of equipment, free parking, refreshments, handouts, printed photos and a personalised gift voucher.

When do I pay?
When you book.

How can I book?
Just email me!