1. I’ve just found loads of these on my berberis at home (in Staines Middlesex) – they do some damage don’t they…

    I spent some time picking them all off and putting them elsewhere – no I didn’t kill them!

    I thought they were ‘just caterpillars’ except they were only on the Berberis…

    Kind regards


  2. The Big Buzz has inspired us here in In Salah (Algeria – one of the hottest places on earth!) to search for beastly bugs around the villa where we are staying. At 45 degrees C there are no ladybugs, but plenty of horned beatles of various sizes.

    • I take my hat off to you, Mark (but hope you’re keeping yours on), for operating at those temperatures! I take my hat off to the beetles too! I look forward to hearing your Horned Beetle poems when you return to more temperate climes.

  3. Berberis sawfly has arrived here 10 miles from York for the first time and has stripped my neighbour’s berberis in just a few days. They’ve now started on mine..

    • Thanks for letting me know about this, Anne. I too have the larvae eating my berberis as I type … Last night I noticed a sparrow on the berberis, pecking at something on various leaves. I’m wondering if it was eating the berberis sawfly larvae …

  4. hi anneliese i live in Rotherham in South Yorkshire we had loads of flies ( i thought they were flying ants to tell the truth ..then last week i noticed my bush not looking right they are still eating whats left

    • Interesting … They seem to be doing better in South Yorkshire than in North Yorkshire this year, then. But fear not, Carol, the experts say that all this leaf eating won’t destroy your berberis.

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