Rhymes of the Times

Here is a selection of my poems on current affairs – my Rhymes of the Times.

June 2017

Austerity for Dummies (June 2107 edition)

On the occasion of the Tories entering into a £1.5 billion deal with the DUP to prop up their government.

June 2016

December 2012
My round-up of the year’s events.

December 2011
My round-up of the year’s events.
February 2011
Pakistani cricketers are found guilty of spot fixing, and Japanese sumo wrestlers are embroiled in controversy too. (This recording is from a live Rhymes of the Times show.)
Listen to my poem, ‘Sports Thoughts’

December 2010
Woman’s Hour on Radio 4 commission me to write a poem looking ahead to 2011.
Listen to my poem (start at minute 14.20)

October 2010
To coincide with a UN biodiversity conference taking place in Japan, the BBC World Service’s environment programme One Planet commissioned a poem from me about the wildlife in my city.
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March 2010
To mark World Poetry Day on 21 March, the Radio 2 Arts Show commissioned a poem from me. It’s called ‘And the winner is …’
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Listen to my poem (mp3)

October 2009
The Bigger Picture’ 
The opening poem in ‘Another Fine Mess …’, my poetry show about the credit crunch that I performed at the The Bigger Picture: Festival of Interdependence in London, organised by the New Economics Foundation (nef).
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June 2009
TheyGov‘, a poem about MPs’ expenses being published.

May 2009
Last Orders’, a poem about MPs and their expenses, performed at a ‘Rhymes of the Times’ show (and also broadcast on the Today programme on Radio 4):

May 2009
The BBC commissions me to write some poems to mark the appointment of Britain’s first woman Poet Laureate, Carol Ann Duffy.

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Reaction to my BBC poem on the role of a 21st-century Poet Laureate:

‘It’s the most spondeetious development since Lenny Henry played Othello … It’s a fast poem. It’s a fun poem. I love it. … Anneliese Emmans Dean is, at this early stage, first choice in my putative Fantasy Poets League team.’
Chris M. Dickson
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March 2009
The world economic crash explained – in limerick form.