Thank you, Boyle and Petyt

I have just received a big parcel from the children of the Boyle and Petyt School in Beamsley, which I visited last month (find out more). The parcel was full of beautifully illustrated thank you notes, like these ones:

Boyle And Petyt Thank Yous (1)

Boyle And Petyt Thank Yous (2)

I really enjoyed reading these letters, and finding out which poems the children enjoyed the most. You can read all the children’s thank you letters by clicking on the following link:
Year 3 and 4 Thank You Notes, Boyle and Petyt School (pdf)

The children did lots of interesting work with their teacher, Mrs Bryant, after my visit. They illustrated some of my poems, and wrote some of their own too. They also learned some more about performing poetry. Mrs Bryant sent me some examples of their work, and I was very impressed by it.

So, congratulations to all Mrs Bryant’s pupils for their excellent work. And thank you for sending me such lovely thank you notes!

Anneliese Emmans Dean

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