Intrepid photographers in Rowntree Park!

Undaunted by the somewhat inclement weather (aka torrential rain) last Wednesday evening, a group of intrepid photographers and photographers-to-be gathered in the Pavilion in Rowntree Park in York for the photography workshop I was holding there.

Poster for my photography workshop

I talked for longer than I had planned, as I assumed that no-one would want to go out into the pouring rain to take photos. But how wrong I was! Out everyone surged, children and senior citizens alike, and they set about putting the tips I’d given them into practice.

We were lucky to spot, in a tree Isis was photographing, a wonderful shield bug, which then pattered onto one of the children’s arms. The children took great care to try to photograph it well, oblivious of how increasingly drenched they (and we) were all getting. It was great to see them so enthralled!

Intrepid budding photographers braving the elements to photograph a shield bug

Their parents had to drag them away in the end. I’ve heard back from one mum that her daughter is now ‘asking for a  digital camera with macro facility for her birthday, so you’ve got her hooked.’

Kate Lock of the Friends of Rowntree Park, who asked me to put on the workshop, said of the event:

‘I found your tips really useful and you’ve certainly focussed the kids’ minds, as well as their cameras!’

A big Thank You goes to my friend Peter Turner, a superb landscape photographer living in Harrogate, who – at rather short notice – very kindly printed out enlargements of some of my photos so I could use them in the workshop. Check out his website, Turner Photo Galleries for some stunning photographs of Yorkshire and elsewhere.

Talking of stunning photos … let’s hope the Friends of Rowntree Park get lots of entries for their photography competition (deadline 30 June). If only it would stop raining …

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