Lockdown Nature 28: Queen bumblebee

What are your favourite sounds in Spring? Mine include the sound you’ll hear in today’s ‘learning through laughter, rhythm and rhyme’ video:

I hope you’re enjoying hearing – and seeing – Queen bumblebees where you are. Have you noticed that different bumblebees make different buzzing sounds? Can you hear the differences? And, can you hear the difference between the buzzing of a bumblebee and a honeybee? Next time you see some, close your eyes and listen!

Meanwhile, I’d love to listen to your performance of this Queen bumblebee poem! Share it on Twitter @theBigBuzzNews, on facebook or email it to me (theBigBuzz@gmail.com).

(FYI, this is this year’s more polished version of the Queen bumblebee video that I originally created for you in our first lockdown last Spring. I hope my videoing has improved a little over the course of our year of lockdowns. If you are so minded, you can view the original version, filmed in March 2020, here.)

Watch more of my nature videos, created for you and your kids/pupils, here.

And get your hands on your copy of my award-winning Buzzing! book, which contains loads more minibeast poems and facts, here.

Anneliese Emmans Dean – theBigBuzz – Bringing poetry to life

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